WiW Notes 20


A living idea this week – thought-leadership sells” (amplifies, seeks traction on) novelty. Sharing a new hypothesis, a reader has never discovered before and promises to solve a problem instead of making better use of existing knowledge, aka creativity. It reminds me of an abstract thought I arrived at when researching AI, the sustainability of creative time, and the wastefulness of communication between (living complex) individuals when tasked with working on anecdotal (highly subjective) products (disembodied pieces of technology). These two systems, the particular packaging of value (say in a book) and the move fast break thinking” (scale fast, away from one’s interests), feel very connected.

2, 3

I find myself recommending these (evergreen) books regularly.

  • Strangers Drowning, by Larissa MacFarquhar

  • Power and Love, Adam Kahane (well followed by Collaborating with the Enemy and Facilitating Breakthroughs)

Up next WiW Notes 19 1 There is a new WiW site with a reading list and concepts. This is all in progress and will be updated as conversations start.
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