WiW Notes 18


The more I think about What is Work for 2024 (a weekly asynchronous hour, noon ET), the more I am compelled by AI and competing with computers. WiW leans into self-authorship and un-ziegisting the future of work; what if your personal future of work, how do you see it, and how do you interrogate and integrate that view? The more I seek alternative voices in the design and creative community, the more I am compelled by the potential compounding benefit of the articulation of value: where it comes from, internally, where it is promised, and where it under-delivers.

If you want to join, please let me know. WiW is $150 a month. I am happy to offer 20% off for paying readers here.


I watched (and was moved) again Overview on Vimeo.


I went to see Tiger in Paradise, Jose Gonzalez’s collaboration with Mikel Cee Karlsson: a film screening, conversation, and music.

I love and am often moved by Jose’s music, which is probably why I had a strong discomfort from the evening, particularly the conversation.

The film is personal and open; Jose shares psychotic episodes he had and lets us into his home and family. Yet, the conversation, where Mikel was trying to amplify some large sociological phenomena, felt sterile rather than critical (because of too many nuances to mention here). It eventually rendered Jose’s integrity and industrious practice as pasteurized. I might be reading into it, but I suspect Jose was distancing himself in micro-moments.

I am only sharing it as a visceral example of unnecessarily designed, shallowly branded, and needlessly productized art I have seen. I would love for Jose to come up with an unmediated, open, and direct version of this.

Up next WiW Notes 17 WiW Notes 19 1 There is a new WiW site with a reading list and concepts. This is all in progress and will be updated as conversations start.
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