WiW Notes 16


I enjoyed reading David Brooks’ new book. It touches on many aspects of complexity and non-monolithic thinking. I recommend it to whoever liked reading The End of Average and is more generally interested in self-authorship.

David Brooks, How to Know a Person


I recently rejoined Are.na, after deleting an account I had for a few years.

For now, I am enjoying assigning buckets to files and links, and I moved some screenshots I had at byed.it to my profile.

Feel free to connect there or offer ideas for collaboration on that platform.



A living idea

If you can’t find heroes, you’re in the wrong sport. Focal points point attention to aspiration. They are often removed (distant), separated by time (when visualizing a future), network (a person that inspires but you can’t get in touch with), or topic (an idea you are waiting to explore). The metaphor touches on the (developmental) capacity to imagine things out of view.

Up next WiW Notes 15 Everything new is old again. I am personally biased to frame new technologies with the thinking that leads to them, with a particular focus on WiW Notes 17
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