WiW Notes 13


Early in 2020, I started Thirdness, a paid members community that became the basis for Critical Business School and my work with prompts (/briefs and practices).

I now spend much time thinking about coaching and individual development. Yet, I am repeatedly reminded of the grappling inertia community and internet collaboration culture hold.

The punchline is that all online spaces ask (require) that you fit in and stay still once you do. So, if you want to explore adjacent ideas or generously point at blind spots, you will be socially encouraged not to do so. Communities want you to fit in as a product (a persona over the person) and exchange easily legible Lego pieces (/media).

I am resharing the first essay about Thirdness and might rewrite some ideas on this thought.

Building a Meta Community


I love reminding myself of this project from Jonathon Keats once every year.

There are so many interesting angles to consider this. Is this art? Is it generative art? Is this the only complex (not complicated) generative art?


I found an interesting talk with Mustafa Suleyman hosted by Reos Partners (which I mentioned in this list before).

Thank you for reading. Feel free to reply to this email with an interesting idea you came across.

Up next WiW Notes 12 1 I am sharing a workshop format from last week. Students read a chapter from ‘Metaphors We Live By.’ We discussed it in class, deconstructed the WiW Notes 14 1 Scott Page, the author of The Diversity Bonus and co-author of The Standing Ovation Problem, is speaking at MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
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