WiW Notes 10

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I hosted a dinner yesterday. The last time I organized an in-person event was a year before COVID. Since then, my thinking and tools changed (/developed), so it was interesting to consider and plan.

I knew I wanted to balance small talk with deeper conversation and experiment with introductions and other types of auto-pilot behavior.

I wrote three prompts on paper (see image) and asked everyone to read, pick a question, and pass the deck onward. Then, everyone introduced themselves by way of answering the question. I then let the conversation continue freely, and when I sensed it needed to open more, I did another round, this time asking, What can you wish yourself?’ followed by What do you want to ask the universe (present dinner table included) to promote that wish.’



From that point, the conversation meandered in small and more profound directions, including other people suggesting prompts.

Towards the end of the evening, I consciously chose to stop the conversation (which would have gone on for much longer) and land us back into a Tuesday evening.

I am sharing this experience (and a doc of older prompts from Thirdness), hoping it might contribute to your practice and thinking about techniques.


I enjoyed reading Adam Kahane’s Facilitating Breakthroughs, which builds on ideas in Power and Love that I repeatedly recommend.

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