WiW Notes 08


I was reminded of ontological coaching this week. An approach I have learned about before but I don’t often call out. It resonates with its focus on language and ways of being. (below is the graphic I use on my coaching site)



This blog post was interesting to read

Ontological coaching


I will be holding a small space to discuss ideas of career longevity next week, September 5th, at noon ET.

It is free and open and came up organically in the comment of this post on Linkedin



Meaning, or Design

I found myself talking to a design leader this week and separating meaning (what does it mean) from just design (designing with context in mind, and user research).

I will try to communicate the spirit of this deconstruction.

Meaning is the value left once we’re done with a conversation and forgot what we talked about. It is a living material that will grow in value for the person who integrates it.

Design, especially product design, is always a dead/end because it ends in a product. The thinking, however vast, is bound to be forgotten once we render an output.

A typical career tipping point once mastering protocols (including ones needed for just design) is prioritization. While collaborative environments and other externalities affect what we do and when, meaning is the best compass I can think of to navigate a personal to-do lists or other decisions.

Thanks for reading, as always – feel free to email back directly.

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