WiW Notes 06


I enjoyed finding this video via Adam Kahane. This will be familiar for those with experience in speculative design; I find this particularly interesting because of Kahane’s books Power and Love (which I often recommend and gift) and combining future (collective, general) thinking with (individual, internal) developmental ideas.


New publication from the Colour Journal.

The Colour Journal

The Colour Journal on Instagram: The Blue Issue of The Colour Journal is now available to order! For those who followed this account without really knowing what it was about, I have purposely misled you by reposting existing images following the colour scheme but The Colour Journal is precisely the opposite of that Instagram account and it’s time to find out what it’s really about. The Colour Journal is a collection of six volumes, each devoted to a single colour: blue, red, yellow, green, white and black. The Colour Journal is not another publication about the meaning of colour. Colours have not been approached in a literal way but as a starting point, a pretext to tell a bigger story. The Blue Issue — the inaugural issue — contains 15 stories that start from the colour blue: From Henri Matisse’s cut-outs to the special shade of ultramarine that Yves Klein patented, The Colour Journal excavates familiar moments in cultural history in order to discover what lies beneath. Follow a denim hunter through Idaho, visit one of the last Chinese cultural minorities in Guangxi, take a look at Helmut Newton’s private collection of Polaroids, and dive into David Hockney’s chlorinated pools. Happy reading 💙

June 2, 2023

I recommend following Benjamin’s (the editor-in-chief) work, as well.


The idea of objects embedding meaning or personal philosophy has recently emerged through Generous Design and other conversations. Personal philosophy is the space between day-to-day why’s and most general existential philosophy.

I see the taxonomy of living, evergreen, and fossil extending to objects. An object might grow in meaning for you, retain meaning over time, or diminish once you have it. This feels like it articulates some thoughts on disposable brands and media. I invite you to find an object on your desk or shelves that calls you and ask yourself what (1) it means (2) to you.

Lastly, the What is Work circle will start in September. We will (1) use prompts, briefs, and practices (2) in conversation to help participants (3) articulate their individuated future of work.

Up next WiW Notes 05 WiW Notes 07 1 I found this excerpt from Bergson on relentless change. It feels connected to ideas of complexity; in complexity, there is always more to notice.
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