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One idea that stayed with me from the AI Literacy Circle earlier this year was the idea of HCI (human-computer interaction) coaching as a discipline that explores the meeting point of mental models and technology with a particular focus on articulation and definitions of value. One living idea on that channel is AI training for screenwriters’’ or its more marketed name, Coaching for non-AI screenwriters.’ If you feel diminishing value because of the meeting of new technologies and loud zeitgeist, I invite you to consider a new framing of value for yourself. Feel free to share it over email.


I am revisiting ideas of self-authorship and self-transformation from Jennifer Garvey Berger.



I loved reading this from The Poor Man’s Feast

Winter is the season that grounds us, where we seek out fire and light against the cold and the dark; summer is the season of air and water, soil and seed.

We can argue this point: winter gives us heavy food and the associated holidays and gatherings, and the histories that lurk beneath those gatherings. Old catastrophes creep from between the Christmas couch cushions like the tentacles of a live octopus stuffed into a bag and trying to escape; old catastrophes breathe the same air as sadness and hope and trauma, their synesthetic rattle reminding you of a particular dish, or the sound of a particular holiday song, or of the one family member who you knew would take you down one day when you were both adults or maybe even still children, thrust together twice a year for a celebration at once joyful and forced like a size nine foot into a size seven shoe.

[ … ]

Summer is when the simple things return to us. It’s when the kids run into the water and you hang their bathing suits on the line, and they sleep into the late afternoon, leaving sand in the bed and in the bottom of the tub. Summer is when you take your mother-in-law’s ancient gardening knife — the one you found on a shelf in her garage right before you turned the keys over to the new owners after she died — and go out to a tangled patch of vine and leaf, cut some cucumbers and the zucchinis that got too big when you weren’t looking, cut some thyme from the herb box, run over to the corn stand before they close to buy six ears of Silver Queen.


Poor Man’s Feast

the simple things come back to us

The simple things come back to us. They rest for a moment by our ribcages then suddenly reach in and twist our hearts a notch backward. - Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin Winter is the season that grounds us, where we seek out fire and light against the cold and the dark; summer is the season of air and water, soil and seed…

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