WiW Notes 04


I wanted to share some evergreen thoughts that keep popping up.

When we introduce ourselves, we don’t only say who we are but who we are not, limiting our ability to be creative and show up in a room, community, or team. All communities (I found) ask members to fit in. Clarity (as in personal media or how you talk about your practice) may limit your room to grow while making a living. The future of work is continuous integration.


I found (again) this excellent piece by Gary Marcus and Ernest David from almost ten years ago.


You can replace big data with AI or computers. I usually find that juxtaposing current news stories with older ones helps to develop a sharper opinion.


Public domain review is an excellent editorial tool to navigate the immense public domain. I use Flickr and also receive PDRs emails and quarterly postcard packs.

One highlight from the site:


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