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I enjoyed reading this piece from Mattan on finding a coach and coaching styles. 


The body of ideas would benefit from some more texture and nuances, maybe through a follow-up piece or a conversation. Feel free to share anything that resonates or stands out as inaccurate.


I just started Transformative Experiences from LA Paul. The focus is the impossibility of fully considering a transformative experience because the person evaluating it beforehand has no access to the person they will become after. I love that Thomas Nagel’s What is it like to be a Bat is cited early in the book. I often read it with students when I teach complexity.

I take these values of experiences to be values that do not reduce to anything else: they are primitive, and they are not merely values of pleasure and pain. Instead, the values are widely variable, intrinsic, complex, and grounded by cognitive phenomenology. So such values, as I shall understand them, are values that can be grounded by more than merely qualitative or sensory characters, as they may also arise from nonsensory phenomenological features of experiences, especially rich, developed experiences that embed a range of mental states, including beliefs, emotions, and desires.

Paul, L. A.. Transformative Experience 

I am going to ponder on the intertextual frame of merely qualitative


While I don’t foresee starting another meta-community such as Thirdness or On Creativity, I am as passionate about the limits of monolithic forms of belonging and how they limit the creative spaces they are there to nurture.

I am sharing a living idea on communities, belonging, and aesthetics. Most communities move around media that most people are interested in. If your interests point away from the center, popular or common denominator, then traditional communities of interest actively hinder self-actualization.

Thank you for reading.

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